What Buyers Can Expect

You want your home buying experience to a pleasant experience.  How it that achieved in a complex, fast-pace and competitive market?  The first step is to hire a professional agent that is knowledgeable and experienced.  Here's how Sally helps her clients during the process of purchasing a home.

Initial Consultation: In order to help her clients learn about the home buying process Sally meets with them to walk them through the process.  She also discusses the nuts and bolts of a house as well as neighborhoods, amenities and any special needs.  This initial consultation allows Sally and her clients to get to know each other and make a road map to get her clients to the goal, a new home.

Lenders & Closing Agents: Sally works with top-notch professionals in both the lending and title closing fields.  She can put you in contact with her list of vendors and help you to find the lender and closing agent that will join your team to get the job done.


Market Analysis: Sally will dig into the data around a home to help even a veteran home buyer make a well-informed decision about making an offer.

Contract Negotiation: The goal of the contract negotiations is to identify the needs and wants of the other party and write an offer that will allow the Buyer to get the house on reasonable terms.

Home Inspections: Sally works with your home inspector to help you understand you understand the issues. The goal is to help you present and clear and concise request to the Seller.  Sally also will keep you informed as to what to expect throughout the inspection process.

Closing: The day you've been waiting for!  Sally works closely with your lender and your closing agent to make sure you are well informed and know what to expect on the day.

Here's a guide to the buying process:

Buyer's Guide


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